Yield Forecasting & Benchmarking

CanePro boasts an integrated process-level simulation model based on the CANEGRO crop growth model. CANEGRO is internationally recognized and has been included in the DSSAT suite of models for international release.

Output from the simulation model is used in a number of CanePro modules. In the Harvest Planning module the model is used to estimate yield given a crop’s growing conditions and time of harvest. In the Fields module, the model is used as a field performance evaluation tool, and in CanePro’s Irrigation Scheduling module to estimate sugarcane crop water use and simulate the soil water balance.


Key Features

Integrated Crop Simulated Model

Captures the Effects of Climate and Age on Yields

Benchmark field performance vs climatic potential

On large commercial operations many decisions are based on field performance benchmarking. Examples include replant decisions, manager performance etc. Typically these decisions are made using actual field performance. However these comparisons are often biased due to seasonal factors, soil differences and other agronomic practices. CanePro offers the user a less biased approach.

Potential cane yields can be estimated using the simulation model and actual yields benchmarked against both climate and attainable yield targets.

Numerous reports allow the user to benchmark individual fields or management units within a season or between seasons. Naturally, all of this information can be viewed spatially using CanePro’s integrated GIS interface.