Remote Cane Management (RCM)

RCM is a web-based application aimed at displaying remote-sensed raster data for the purposes of identifying within-field variability, focusing management’s attention on poorly performing parts of the estate. To date we have worked with eLeaf’s SEBAL estimates of biomass and evapotranspiration, however the application can display any remote-sensed data at any resolution.

Pixel data is presented using a local geo-server allowing users to quickly and easily change zoom levels and freely move around the image. Filtering and charting functionality assists the user interpret the spatial imagery.

Remotely-sensed data is combined with field-level metrics contained in the CanePro database providing context to the spatial imagery.

If the spatial data components are biologically absolute (e.g. biomass estimates as against a relative NDVI), components of yield can be accumulated at pixel and field level and combined with simulation models to assist with yield estimates and harvest planning.

Corrective action functionality allows users to spatially identify issues, assign responsibility and follow-up.

Key Features

Web-based viewer for remote sensed raster data

Integration with CanePro field data provides context

Remote sensed data can feed into the yield estimate process