Fleet Management

CanePro’s Fleet Management module is a complete fleet management system covering all aspects of your fleet’s maintenance and performance. CanePro’s Fleet module is completely integrated with CanePro’s other modules eliminating double-capture and increasing the value of information in the system.

The Fleet Management module aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive fleet master record for all vehicles on an estate. Vehicles can be grouped together into vehicle categories. In addition to standard information such as manufacturer, model, engine and chassis number, the user can set up expected fuel consumption for an individual vehicle or category. This allows the user to focus on potential problem vehicles.
  • Provide comprehensive vehicle utilization and availability information by location, activity, vehicle category and individual vehicle. Vehicle activities are captured through CanePro’s daily activity calendar. This information drives the utilization and availability reporting functions.
  • Provide a workshop management function including service scheduling, works orders, mechanic utilization, etc. Parts and labour costs for repairs and maintenance are captured using a job card system (this can be interfaced with an existing stores and purchasing system where required).
  • Monitor fuel usage through a detailed tank and bowser record system to reduce the opportunity for shrinkage, and report fuel usage by location, activity, vehicle category and individual vehicle. Security and a detailed audit system have been added to limit fraudulent transactions.
  • Provide detailed vehicle costing information by category, activity and individual vehicle.
  • Provide vehicle charge-out functionality to enable cross-charge recoveries for service departments.

As with all CanePro modules, data is presented in a meaningful manner making full use of CanePro’s graphical reporting interface wherever possible.

Key Features

Monitor Vehicle Utilisation

Monitor Fuel Usage

Manage workshop repair costs