Data Inputs

Meteorological inputs are obtained daily either from a 3rd Party source such as the Queensland Government’s SILO application, or directly from local Automatic Weather Stations. Users select the closest meteorological site as the source of weather data inputs for the model.

Users can define multiple fields to either represent actual blocks on the farm, or generic fields to represent a range of cropping cycles throughout the season.

Fields are assigned irrigation system rules which define both the system application constraints and a set of scheduling management rules.

Fields are assigned a soil type from a list of well documented soil profiles found locally in each region. Soil profile inputs define the soil’s water holding capacity and concepts such as drainage rates and runoff.

Irrigation inputs can either be manually captured for a field, or automatically calculated using IrrigWeb’s Auto-Irrigate function.

Key Features

Link fields to local weather stations

Create and manage master data such as farm, fields

Link fields to soil types and irrigation management rules