CanePro Mobile

CanePro Mobile is a suite of mobile tools to compliment your Estate CanePro installation.

The application provides users the ability to view and capture key data in the field, even in remote locations without any form of connectivity. The application synchronizes the required data with a local database on the device while it is connected to the LAN. Data from the local database is displayed in off-line mode. Data captured in the field is synchronized with the master CanePro database once the device is reconnected to the LAN.

CanePro Mobile is currently available for devices using the Android operating system.

Functionality currently includes:

  • The ability to capture soil and leaf sampling events in the field at specific GPS locations.
  • A “Field Manager” tool provides managers access to current and historic field information, and performance metrics for key agricultural operations. Users have the ability to raise “Corrective Actions” in the field in response to observed management issues. These corrective actions can be synchronized back into the CanePro database and dealt with through CanePro’s Corrective Action management functionality.

Further development is underway to allow for resource capture at field level.

Key Features

Off-line functionality

Capture samples directly in the field

Initiate “Corrective Actions” to address managment issues