HR & Payroll

CanePro’s HR and Payroll is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the smaller independent farmer in South Africa where the bulk of the employees perform daily tasks.


Employee activities are recorded daily using a simple calendar-based user interface, providing immediate access to labour productivity and attendance data.


There are a number of benefits of a payroll completely integrated with the fields system. CanePro can monitor recorded productivity versus ‘possible’ productivity (e.g. actual metres cut versus metres available for cutting). The daily attendance data is also used to accurately generate manpower productivity reports and for comparing budgeted man days with actual man days.
  • Pay by activity rate, daily/hourly rate or fixed salary.
  • Tax calculations
  • Record employees’ daily activities – including field worked on.
  • Record employees’ overtime activity, field worked on and hours worked.
  • Manage incomes and deductions.
  • Multiple pay groups and staggered pay periods.
  • Print pay slips and save them as .pdf files for future reference.
  • Generate Bank EFT files for most major banks.
  • Track loans, savings accounts and cash advances.
Job Description and Contracts
  • Assign default jobs
  • Keep track of employment contracts
  • Generate Employee Timesheets
Personnel Records
  • Digital photos
  • Disabilities and illnesses
  • Dependants and beneficiaries
  • Drivers’ licenses
Training Management
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Training received and required
Leave administration
  • Manage leave, sick leave and compassionate/family leave
Disciplinary Records
  • Record disciplinary events.
Extensive Reports
  • Cane cutter productivity reports.
  • Generate UIF and IRP5 electronic files.
  • Payroll and Tax Reports.

Manage Employee Activities & Productivity

Manage Employee Information & Contracts

Fully Integrated Payroll