Field Records, Deliveries and Agronomic Data

CanePro maintains a single centralized field disposition which is shared between all CanePro modules. This ensures that you base decisions on the same core field information.
CanePro’s field history records store all information associated with a field’s performance for a particular season. All field history information can be viewed graphically using CanePro’s flexible graphical analysis tools. This allows you to quickly identify trends and problems, thereby improving agronomic decision making. CanePro’s field disposition includes historic, current and future records.
Field Records
  • Harvest dates
  • Cane variety
  • Row width
  • Rainfall received
  • Yield information i.e. tons cane, tons sucrose, tons fibre, tons moisture and purity percentage
  • Manual capture or imported from SASA website
  • Instantly Updates tons and quality yield information
Agronomic Data
  • Pest and Disease
  • Soil and Leaf

Key Features

Field History Information Can Be Viewed Graphically

Delivery Yield Information is easily updated

Field Agronomic Data