Fleet Management

CanePro’s Fleet Management module is integrated with all CanePro modules. It provides a comprehensive master record for all vehicles as well as extensive reporting on Vehicle Utilization and Maintenance. This also allows the user to focus on potential problem vehicles.
Vehicle Categories

Vehicles can be grouped together into vehicle categories for reporting purposes such as:

  • Manufacturer
  • Registration number
  • Model
  • Engine and Chassis number

The user can set up expected fuel consumption for an individual vehicle or category.

Vehicle Utilization
  • Vehicle activities are captured through CanePro’s daily activity calendar.
  • Detailed Vehicle Activity Reports.
  • Diesel Reports in accepted formats for SARS
  • Monitor fuel usage through a detailed tank record system
  • Report fuel usage by:
    • Location
    • Activity
    • Vehicle category
    • Individual vehicle.
Vehicle Maintenance
  • Schedule and Record Services
  • Record Parts and Labour Costs
  • Licence expiry report

Key Features

Group Vehicles into Categories

Monitor Vehicle Utilization

Record and Schedule Vehicle Maintenance