Dynamic Harvest Planner

Harvest planning is arguably the most important agricultural task carried out on a large sugar estate. The harvest plan forms the basis for decisions on: yield estimates; season start and duration; and the timing of most in-field agricultural operations which are dictated by field harvest date.

The Harvest Planning engine utilizes a cumulative demand/supply algorithm working within the constraint of a mill throughput curve. Tons of cane available from fields constitute the supply component. Given a demand curve and a field harvest order the algorithm is capable of estimating cane tonnage and harvest date using an estimate model assigned to each field.

CanePro offers multiple yield estimate models ranging in complexity from a manual estimate, to a forecast method using a growth simulation model driven by prevailing weather conditions.

Key Features

Dynamic supply/demand algorithm

Multiple estimates

Climate-based yield simulation model

CanePro allows for multiple estimates to track actual productivity against budgets, and numerous graphical and tabular reports to allow the user to evaluate age effects, cane quality performance and manage harvest and haulage contractors.

As the season progresses actual mill throughput and yields replace estimates. Each time the Harvest Planner is re-run the algorithm reschedules remaining fields accounting for actual progress to date.

The Harvest Planner is central to CanePro’s Resource Planning and Budget modules affording a dynamic process in which the phasing of operations and resources automatically adjusts to changes in harvest sequence and mill throughput.