Can you afford not to use CanePro?


No commercial agricultural operation can operate effectively – and profitably – without meaningful data. With CanePro you have all the essential information at your finger tips.


CanePro is more than simply a reporting tool: with CanePro you receive expert guidance on problem-solving for current issues, plus predictive insights as to where problems might occur in the future. It is a decision support system (DSS) that offers critical insights for users to make informed decisions – quickly and easily.

Over 160 cane-growing operations rely on CanePro every day!

Data Challenges

Processing huge amounts of data takes your focus off your core business - growing cane - profitably. CanePro facilitates accurate data access and benchmarking at the touch of a keyboard.

Reduce Costs

Budget and manage both physicals and costs using a bottom-up approach to resource planning and budgeting. Generate tailored task schedules and resource requirements. Control operational utilization to reduce wastage and save costs across the entire agricultural value chain

Increase Yields

We firmly believe an agricultural management system must effect management change to be effective. Only with change can productivity be improved, increasing yields. CanePro offers decision support and data analysis tools to provide management with the necessary information and advice to make informed decisions on a real time basis.

Predict with Confidence

Make informed decisions about your cane growing operation using CanePro's unique suite of sugarcane-specific modelling and agronomic tools. Understand the factors affecting production and understand the environment in which you operate. Predict and forecast, don't guess.

Features that will change the way you manage your operation

Dynamic Harvest Planning

Manage cane supply to satisfy mill demand through effective planning of harvesting logistics and the yield estimating process.

Fleet Management

A complete fleet management system covering all aspects of your fleet’s maintenance and performance.

Field records, deliveries and agronomic data

Centralised view of all master data ensures decisions are based on the same information across all operations.

Irrigation Scheduling

Provides day-to-day management of irrigation operations, and the scheduling of future irrigation events.

Resource Planning

Generates a complete resource budget for a season, constructed from a series of tasks to be performed on each field.

Yield Forecasting

Utilise predictive simulation tools to improve yield estimates and benchmark field performance.

CanePro provides you with an informed view of your cane-growing operation